Author: Julissa Neely

My Grandfather

My grandfather, soul shining like heaven while he was waiting to catch the light streaming through the tiny window above his hospital bed: clinical, clean, ….

Sister Mercy

Lyric snippet from my Gold Miner musical project…. When the mine came crashing down today I was running for the light I heard sister mercy ….

King of Tango

Dear Tango man, I am sitting under a banyan tree…. sounds poetic but not really true, I am in Texas. I remember you so well ….


Today it’s a crowd of Masai tribesman listening to tales of Princess Salme tourists, traders, all mixed together in a spicy brew of heat and ….


Humankind is running out of time. We can be re-written in code. DNA clocked, have our memories stocked in tubes and wires. Into the Singularity, ….