Gazing at the stars looking beautiful in well-lit rooms on our screens and in our advertisements for the best youth serum, perfume, cologne, sneakers, fashions, food, technology.

When they walk the red carpets we scream, cry, swoon, drive hours to crowd into spaces and see their starlit faces 

We look into the screen, we laugh we cry we see ourselves in their eyes

We watch as they dance, as they sing, as they pretend to hate and love

Pretend to dream

We rush to the counter with our tabloid rag

We feel better about ourselves when we see they are DIVORCED, CHEATED ON, LIED TO, ON DRUGS, CRAZY, BROKE, DRUNK DRIVING, DROPPED FROM THEIR TOP RATED SHOW, LEADING A DOUBLE LIFE,HOOKED ON CRACK,HOMELESS,FAT, SICK,DYING.. because then they are just mortals like us. We like to see our little tin gods get kicked around. We agree to buy what they are selling and in exchange, they have to run and hide behind their gates and only go out  protected by their bodyguards until they leave their house for the next awards night or the promotional tour

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