Conversation with Erisa

Erisa says ” All of my family members were killed. They killed everyone, burned our houses down, took our land. There is nothing to go back to. Things are better now because they have told us what they have done. We do not have any family left in Rwanda. No property. Others still had family members. All of mine are gone. Still it is good they finally told the truth. It helps.

They are gone but now they have confessed. They have told the rest of the villagers what they’ve done. It was a slow process of remembering as people from the villages would meet each week and recount exactly what they remember until slowly the picture was filled. Brothers, sisters, fathers, sons, gone. Somehow it helps me to know they did it. To hear them admit it. 1 million or more murders is too many to be handled by the law.

Well now we must go to lunch. Life must go on. I cannot remain sad anymore.

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