The Ghosts of Frank Sinatra is Singing in Palm Desert Again

The desert holds your secrets

Your voice that skipped loves heartbeat

Old blue eyes you were the toast of every town

Still you landed here and took your time in the starlight

Here in this sand storm of sunshine and clouds


Waiting for the band to find it’s groove

Perfectly in time

On any stage you understood what you were there for

Hit the right notes and carry the song home

Everywhere I look I see your ghost with

Sammy Davis,Dean Martin and the rest of your crowd

Every time I hear music it’s you singing,California, That’s life, As Time Goes By

Do you have some pearls of wisdom to wake up from the grave and send me

Some answers to the some questions of life and love and sound

Swing the beat, let the strings soar, watch the shadows form

When in doubt take it slow don’t touch the ground

Or would you just tip your hat and turn around

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