King of Tango

King of the Tango

Dear Tango man,

I am sitting under a banyan tree…. sounds poetic but not really true, I am in Texas.

I remember you so well dancing under a sunny sky with your boom box

black hat and black suit, defying a sunny day

You had Tango tangled inside your soul with all your memories

I don’t think it mattered to you if anyone was watching

You needed the dance to begin in solitude

You needed a reason to lose yourself ( I’m reading your mind in a not so humble way).

Old but agile, limbs bending sliding feet and moving hands sometimes standing still in a pose of resistance as Evita sleeps beside you

Peaceful in your dancing dream

You forget the crime and the poverty

What you lost you gain defying  gravity

I wanted to dance today like you did before

Carlos Gardel crooning in my headphones while I ride my rented mountain bike on an old ocean floor

I was too self – conscience

I was too sold out to the crowd

Unable to speak your language


Now I  can only crown you King of the Tango

You are taking my mind back to a place so hard to find

Somewhere between fate and beauty, love and war

If it’s only living what am I waiting for?

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