Humankind is running out of time. We can be re-written in code.
DNA clocked, have our memories stocked in tubes and wires.
Into the Singularity, we can rise, fly through fathomless depths of galaxies untied from gravity.

If we embrace this new reality, we can solve the problem of our lizard brains. Human pain and imperfection and the problem of human error will end when we merge with the micro- chip.

We can start a new human engineered evolution. The computer brain won’t accept mediocrity or make mistakes. Aging, death and the demise of the planet would not determine our future anymore. We could let this human form fall away. Our electronic eyes would see new horizons, breathe new atmospheres, float across the universe.

If our computer brain was merged with our human brain, we would no longer taste the stench of poverty, feel the guilt of humanity or experience inequality without finding a solution.
Greed, sorrow, sickness, pain would be gone forever.
Until the computers determined, we must be deleted.
System failure.

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